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Everything moves quickly in the world of digital technology, and at ZynQ 360, we understand that innovation is critical to improving the visualisation experience. Our highly experienced team is constantly exploring new technologies, identifying new ways to create value, and keeping you at the forefront of visual innovation development.

We offer a wide range a visualisation services:

Data Capture and Integration

  • 360° Photography
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting
  • Photogrammetry
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting
  • SLAM Capture
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting
  • Drone
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting
  • Laser Scanning / Point Cloud
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting
  • Mapping
    Capture, Processing, Build, and Hosting

Additional Professional Services

  • 3D Model Generation (from Photogrammetry)
  • P&ID Generation (from Photogrammetry)
  • 3D Tiles Generation (from Photogrammetry)
  • As-built Models, Drawings and Plans
  • Data Integration and Tagging
  • Machine Learning / AI / Robotics
  • 3D Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Training Applications – AR/VR/MR
  • Creative Design and Marketing Collateral

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360 Photographic Capture

360° Photographic Capture

ZynQ 360 has unrivalled experience and expertise in capturing, processing, and delivering intelligent, high-resolution 360° panoramic photography in ‘real-time’.

We can capture details in any environment and provide users with more context and coverage from all angles by using professional-grade cameras and lenses.

All our photographers are trained to ensure that every project is completed with the attention to detail and high quality that our clients expect.

From large scale infrastructure projects to smaller environments and objects, we solve your visualisation problems.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping)

Using a specialist combination of LIDAR scanning and 360 imagery technologies, our SLAM reality capture methodology revolutionises how we create Digital Replicas.

Fast, Accurate and Accessible - this technology enables us to provide you an accurate survey-grade point cloud along with a 360 image walkaround of your whole asset so it is accessible to all levels of users for all types of use cases.

Delivered in our agnostic ZynQ Software Platform, the data is owned by you and can also be downloaded or transferred without any limitations.

Advanced Photogrammetry

Advanced Photogrammetry

Our 360-photographic data can precisely align with your assets coordinates system, allowing users to accurately overlay geospatial data, such as 3D Models (PDMS Overlays), proposed modifications and the auto-tagging of equipment locations.

Our photographic capture data can also generate accurate photo-realistic 3D models, meshes and point cloud datasets.

3D Modelling

3D Model Generation (from Photogrammetry)
For customers who do not have existing 3D model data, we generate accurate 3D models from our 360° photography capture data. This process can be as basic as creating simple 3D shapes for large equipment, to modelling the nuts and bolts of your asset.

P&ID Generation (from Photogrammetry)
From 3D models, generated for photogrammetry, P&ID's can be created at the same time, ensuring your visualisation data produces the maximum amount of information for your organisation.

Our software allows users to securely share 3D data, opening up new opportunities for different user groups to access data that may have previously been locked down to desktop applications.

3D Modelling
Data Integration

Data Integration

Do you have existing Visualisation data?
We offer a host of integration solutions and services that allow users to upload, manage and share data in our World-Leading Visualisation Software.

Import all your data, including photos, 360° photography, laser scan data, 3D models, videos, documents and much more. Large data files are converted into a web-friendly demand-loading format, allowing users to easily view data across low speed connections.

We provide powerful and customisable options for the integration of equipment registers, taxonomies, and live data feeds. All integrated data, including associated metadata, can be searched, managed and easily linked to other visualisation data.

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