ZynQ 360: Next Generation Custom SLAM Solution and Management of Change

The team at ZynQ 360 has been deploying custom solutions to create digital twins of assets for nearly 30 years. With clients across a range of industries, sector-specific innovations that benefit our clients are always at the core of what we do.

ZynQ 360 SLAM Custom Solution

Over the last 12 months, we have been deploying a new custom solution to global clients that utilises Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) Technology and 360 imagery. The combination of these two technologies provides a digital replica that is a hybrid of a next-generation colourised point cloud with point accuracy for measurements and a 360 imagery walk-through for high-definition, real-life visual context.

This hybrid solution is our fastest to date, allowing our team to capture large areas quickly with greater measurement fidelity in a colourised point cloud. This gives clients a solid foundation in the form of a digital replica of their entire asset. The digital replica is ingested into ZynQ Visualisation Software, integrated with any new or existing data and systems, forging a Digital Twin.

Digital Twin Accessibility

ZynQ is easily accessible to all, extremely user-friendly, and enriched with trustworthy data. Our clients can rest assured that the digital twin of their asset will ignite team collaboration and provide transparency across sometimes siloed departments or business units.

Management of Change for your Digital Twin

Keeping a Digital Twin of your asset evergreen can be challenging. Operations planning and decision-making are most robust with accurate visual data. This year, we have introduced our Management of Change service with a complimentary tool in ZynQ.

Our Management of Change tool allows teams/users to tag and highlight any changes on-site, ensuring that team members planning work know that a particular image is not current. As part of the complete Management of Change service, we re-capture outdated imagery and data. The historical visual data from how your site looked previously continues to be viewable (and of course valuable) with our Comparison Mode tool for use cases such as Inspections.

ZynQ being used to view a proposed modification

What does ZynQ 360 do?

At ZynQ 360, we capture and create a comprehensive digital twin of your asset, delivered within our secure visualisation software, which integrates with your existing data and systems. Providing you and your enterprise with the innovative tools to centralise and streamline your planning and operations. Reducing risk, costs, and environmental impact.

To find out more about ZynQ 360, visit our website here.

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