Powerful Features and Functionality that Enable Remote Working

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Features and Benefits

Our software solutions provide you with adaptability in the design, management, and utilisation of your Visual Asset Management Platform. Delivering a superior edge to remote working, inspiring you to embrace transformative technologies quicker and easier than ever.

We provide a secure cloud-based ecosystem where you can manage and control access to your data. Deploying ZynQ will result in increased productivity, empowering the end-users to make quick and more informed decisions that contribute to your organisation's success in the short and long term.

ZynQ 360 has earned the trust of companies worldwide, and we will remain focused on further strengthening our partnerships with new and existing customers, accelerating innovation towards a more sustainable future for all.



Share, Manage and Host of Multiple Data Sources

Share, Manage and Host Multiple Data Sources

ZynQ can host and manage a vast range of visual data, including photos, 360° imagery, 3D models, point clouds (laser scans), GIS information, P&IDs, documents and much more.

ZynQ enables an unlimited number of users to easily access and share these data sources within our secure web-based platform. This opens up new opportunities for different user groups to access data that may have been locked down to desktop applications and makes legacy data more accessible.


Our secure cloud-based software requires no downloads or plug-ins to use the full suite of features and tools available. Projects can be viewed on any device, from desktop computers to mobile devices, allowing users to access their data at anytime and from anywhere.

Projects can be shared with multiple stakeholders, using tailored security controls to manage access to sensitive data available if required.

Our intuitive user-interface is easy to use and allows teams to get started quickly. The inline user guide and training videos provide users with a visual ‘how to’ for all the features and tools. We can also provide comprehensive training programmes and our Technical Support staff are always on hand to help out.



ZynQ’s intuitive asset library allows users to manage, upload and integrate documents, equipment and asset registers into their visualisation projects. Items can be tagged automatically, geospatially or manually to its relevant physical location(s), allowing users to Search, Find and Locate any item within their projects.

For the full Digital Twin solution, equipment registers can be georeferenced to the assets local or site coordinate system, allowing for large data registers to be accurately placed within the project. Users can also attach relevant information to each item, such as links to other systems, imagery, documents and drawings, to build a more comprehensive source of information.

ZynQ's asset library can be fully customised and aligned to your own taxonomy structures, creating unique libraries that integrate with your current workflows and data sources.


ZynQ can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and applications, such as inspection reporting or live data feeds, to allow users to get the maximum benefit from their visual data.

Third-party Software and Systems
ZynQ’s cloud-based system architecture allows for powerful integration with your existing third-party software and systems, from document management to procurement, work pack systems to Sharepoint, we have the capabilty to bring it all together.

Live data feeds can also be accessed and viewed within ZynQ, giving you relevant and timely information from remote sensors.

Existing Visualisation Data
We actively encourage customers to leverage as many existing data sources as possible to create a digital library of all of your relevant visualisation data. We have extensive experience processing large 3D and point cloud data sets to ensure that the quality of your existing data can be harnessed within our accessible web-based software.



Bring your inspection data to life by hosting all visualisation and associated documentation within a user-friendly web-based environment.

ZynQ enables users to upload, host and manage the relevant reports, photographs, orthographic maps, videos, drone data, point clouds and 3D models generated during the inspection process.

By creating a ‘single source of truth’ for everyone to access, information is easily disseminated, vastly improving communication and collaboration.


ZynQ’s powerful GIS mapping capabilities allow users to link and overlay information within a global context, with data plotted in real-world coordinates.

GIS mapping enables the accurate integration of drone inspection, photography, 3D models, and other data such as live feeds from remote sensors to be displayed in the correct location.

Flexible mapping and location building blocks allow for powerful customisation and integration with aerial, street and hybrid maps to suit your needs.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and Communication

ZynQ’s secure web platform can host unlimited users, projects and data allowing companies, project teams and third-parties to collaborate from remote locations around the world.

Using the powerful direct-linking features and mark-up and annotation tools, users can share model views, equipment locations, measurements and more.

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