ZynQ 360 joins the HUVRdata Partner Network to provide 3D Contextualisation

ZynQ 360 joins the HUVRdata Partner Network to provide 3D Contextualisation capability.

Both ZynQ 360 and HUVRdata exist to enable industrial asset owners to thrive in the era of Industry 4.0 by helping reinvent legacy processes around the power of data.

Presenting and Easily Understanding Your Data

ZynQ 360 and HUVRdata realise that the unprecedented growth in asset inspection technologies and tools has created an often-unmanageable volume and variety of data.

For perspective, consider that 1 TB of production data is created daily by the average factory, but less than 1% of that data is actually being analysed by manufacturers.

Even the data that is addressed can present challenges when it is not normalised and presented in a useful manner.

Industrial asset inspections are a case in point. As increasingly more asset integrity inspections are conducted via drone, ROV or other robotic technology, and findings are documented by pictures and descriptions, it can be difficult or impossible to convey exact defect locations on large or complex assets.

The Complete Solution

The introduction of HUVRdata’s 3DC (3D Contextualisation) capability, powered by the ZynQ software and visualisation technology, changes this.

Energy Sector worker remotely accessing their site through the ZynQ Software.

“We see our relationship with HUVRdata as invaluable to clients. The more information we can link to assets to power their 3DC capability, the more that 3DC will represent real life and allow users to truly experience a digital twin environment,” said Rob Smith, Head of Americas for ZynQ 360.

HUVRdata’s 3DC makes the long-touted value of ‘digital twin’ an immediate reality for industrial asset owners by showing them exactly where defects or anomalies are located on a three-dimensional image.

Real-time contextualisation between physical assets and their virtual representations needn’t be maintained because foundational image data remains static, and additional datasets can be layered on top.

“Contextualisation of data is everything,” said Ben Schmul, HUVRdata VP of Products. “In the physical world it’s easy to walk out and point to where a defect is on an asset, but this is extremely difficult when relying on inspection images from drones and robots. With the integration of the ZynQ software to the HUVR inspection data management system, we can now provide 3D contextualisation of inspection data, making it easy for remote reliability experts to identify and remediate issues.”

Currently, within the HUVR platform, customers can have inspection findings described with standard language and built into standard, automated reports, complete with images that can be localised within a ZynQ model.

Housing and Linking your Visual Inspection Data with ZynQ

Users also have the ability to house and link other types of models, including CAD, point cloud, orthomosaic, photogrammetric and others, to create a very deep and immersive look at a digital representation of their facility with ZynQ.

This allows asset owners and inspection services providers to more efficiently plan, manage, collect data and generate findings, as well as plan and manage repairs while being able to share data across multiple groups and allow experts to visualise findings and evaluate equipment conditions based on a 3DC digital twin.

To find out more about ZynQ 360, visit our website here.

Watch a short video introducing ZynQ, our Digital Twin Software, 

To find out more about our partnership with HUVRdata, email our Head of Americas, Rob Smith – robsmith@zynq360.com

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