The Power of Remote Operations

The easier it is for your teams to access vital information, whether they’re on an oil rig, elsewhere in the field or even in another part of the world, the easier it is for them to do their jobs.

Do you have the best tools to ensure business continuity?

At ZynQ 360 we understand that no oil and gas company operates entirely under one roof. Most operations are a combination of management in a series of offices, along with numerous teams out in the field, performing survey work or doing remote engineering from different locations.

Today, companies must equip employees with sustainable remote working tools and align joint expectations across the organisation, including even the most basic considerations, such as coordinating across time zones and working hours.

As organisations continue to become more connected, data is created at a faster rate than ever before – making remote access solutions the perfect choice for assets that are struggling with data storage scalability and/or accommodation.

What Are The Benefits of ZynQ 360’s Remote Access Capabilities?

  • Creates a single source of truth
  • Users can access information wherever they’re working from, regardless of the location
  • Sustainable transformation strategy
  • Upload and update daily information to be processed in real-time
  • Reduce costs by better planning
  • Significant travel reduction
  • Increased Safety
  • Reduce Costs of engineering (HVEC and reduced time in field)
  • Increase Right first time engineering
  • Immersive training and asset familiarisation

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