Use Case: Mining Industry

It is no secret that the industry, as we know it, is undergoing evolution.

Innovations in technology are driving important advances in digitalisation and process control, while the requirements of both the market and customers are changing rapidly due to the unprecedented circumstances tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To plan, design, build and manage assets more effectively, there is an evolving need for high-quality visualisation based management tools; this was one of the primary drivers behind the development of our World-Leading Visualisation Software.

How does ZynQ help mitigate the most common challenges faced by the mining industry?

Through the deployment of our software and services, you create an Immersive, Geospatial Digital Twin, a visual digital replica of any physical asset that can help with effective management, especially of those located in remote or hazardous environments.

These photographic / 3D, virtual replicas of physical assets, enable users to improve scheduling and predict any problems before any turnarounds or planned/unplanned shutdowns occur.

The visual, digital representation provides both the elements as well as the dynamics of how a mine operates throughout its lifecycle, enabling organisations to:

  • Boost Capital Project Performance
  • Maximise Asset Performance
  • Mitigate Delays in Plant Startup due to Inefficient Information handover
  • Maximum Cost Efficiency with Safe, Profitable and Sustainable Asset Visualisation Tool
  • Workforce Empowerment: Digital Transformation by Improving Workforce Productivity
  • Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Assets

To learn more about how we help Mining organisations and service companies mitigate the challenges faced by the industry check out our ‘Using Virtual Digital Twin Technologies to Mitigate
Challenges Faced by the Mining Industry’ white paper.

And make sure to watch our video ‘ZynQ – A Digital Solution for the Mines of the Future’

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To watch a short video introducing our Digital Twin software, click here.

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